The Chesterfield

"Ches•ter•field / chĕs'tǝr-fēld / (Noun) 1.Common name for any sofa, divan or couch, unique to Canadian English usage, though increasingly antique."

The Chesterfield is NOT a Canadian history website. It is a Canadian saga-sharing site, a place for the telling of tales, a digital campfire. Canada's 12,000-year saga (counting merely from the time people were around to make campfires and swap tales) is a kaleidoscope of ripping yarns, brave romances, telling anecdotes and spellbinding chansons de geste  — though too few are celebrated. The elements of the stories on these pages are factual and the spirit of each is invariably true, though details are sometimes surmised or imagined. Curl up on The Chesterfield and let us tell you a story.

Tony Atherton

The Chesterield's creator is an award-winning journalist and multimedia producer with a passion for Canada's past. He trekked through Holland with Canadian veterans to mark the 60th Anniversary of VE-Day,  made the pilgrimage to Vimy, France,  for the 75th anniversary of a monument that is a Canadian touchstone, retraced the path of the plucky young workcamp internees who joined the "On To Ottawa" trek of 1935, and shared the bittersweet memories of the Lost Villages of the St. Lawrence, drowned by a mega-dam in the 1950s. He has collaborated with such notable Canadian historians as Charlotte Gray (The Museum Called Canada, The Massey Murder, Canada, A Portrait in Letters) and Tim Cook, Canadian War Museum curator and  author of At the Sharp End: Canadian Fighting the Great War 1914-1916, Shock Troops: Canadian Fighting the Great War 1917-1919, and The Madman and the Butcher.

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